SH22804Doubles Squash has been played since the 1920s on singles courts in many countries, but in 1992 the WSF AGM approved increased dimensions for International Doubles courts (widened further in 2008) and set about the task of promoting International Doubles.

The aim of the development programme is to achieve the same social and player retention benefits for Squash as experienced in Badminton, Table Tennis and Tennis.

As part of the programme to raise awareness of International Doubles Squash the WSF committed itself to staging World International Doubles Squash Championships for Men, Women and Mixed Pairs on a biennial basis. It was agreed that pairs must be from the same Member Nation and that prize money should be paid to encourage top level participation.

Hong Kong became the first host of the Championships in 1997, with play taking place on three moving side wall courts plus an International Doubles size glass court.

International Doubles RULES